I’ve been run off my feet dispersing my imagination to various sectors around the world. All of it is hush hush until it’s released. So here’s some black flowers I found on my journeys once. ⚡️
I got new nerd windows #fuckthepolice ⚡️
Something super special. Hush hush #repulse ⚡️
Working from bed because this reptile can’t seem to get warm. #repulse ⚡️
Cats out the bag! You NZ folk come watch me do a psydelicious live painting on the Saturday on the @nztattoofestival in Nov at the main stage. I will have free some things to give away that you know you will want. #repulse ⚡️
Bet you can’t tell I have no pants on. @alc_apparel ⚡️
I have been waiting a long time to finally capture the moment I am reunited with my true family, without security guards watching. I’ve missed you giant squid. ⚡️
For @alc_apparel by my hands. Wear her on some cool fabrics at www.alcapparel.com ⚡️
This sucker thought he could hide from my mental references. Inspirashit ⚡️
#warmupsketch #repulse ⚡️