You know who you are. #warmupsketch #repulse ⚡️
Inspirashit #repulse ⚡️


Humans are the worst. Like this if you wanna have coffee with me this week?

20/9/14 #repulse ⚡️
20/9/14 #repulse ⚡️
What about that time I was working on a resin toy, pulled straight from my imagination for you people to own. #repulse ⚡️
Handlin Beef design for @alc_apparel ⚡️
I’m about to go into full hermit mode to create something that is going to be something somewhat special. Laters world, it’s been rad #repulse ⚡️
A big high five to @fourtwentytimes420 for his rad new tattoo of my ice cream creepsicle! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
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