Photos are coming in from happy customers with their new repulsive artworks. If you have rad photos of my work on your walls be sure to send them in to my email (this photo is thanks to @prattzle!) ⚡️ #repulse

I need a girl who provides me a breath of fresh air.

I was working on this ‘Bulimia’ for someone but now I’ve decided to give it to one of you lucky people instead. SO the next person to purchase a ‘Pheromone’ print from my online store gets this drippy sucker snuck into their parcel, be quick humans! ⚡️ #repulse
I lied, here’s another #repulse ⚡️
This is all you see till she’s finished. Bummer. #repulse ⚡️
Liar #repulse ⚡️
#repulse ⚡️
Don’t do it #repulse ⚡️