#prescripshit #repulse ⚡️ (at The Hangar)
Constantly expelling things from my mind feels like the only thing keeping me sane. Tomorrow is my day off and I cannot wait to work my ass off. I have some big plans coming up for ‘Repulse’. The rebirth of Eye Rupture is upon us. ⚡️
FINALLY! I can release my new print for ALC Apparel/Headquarters Winter 14 Injection range! This bad bitch of a bear is available as of right now on shirts and crews at http://www.alcapparel.com/shop/tees-mens. I’ve got mine all nabbed up for the winter jerk, you should too. WERD! 
'Find a place with the failed and forgotten, isn't that really what you wanted' #thebigcomedown #repulse ⚡️
'There is a hate that burns within, the most desperate place I have ever been, try to get back to where I'm from, the closer I get the worse that it becomes' #thebigcomedown #repulse ⚡️ (at The Hangar)
'There is a game I play. try to make myself okay. Try so hard to make the pieces all fit. Smash it apart just for the fuck of it' #thebigcomedown #repulse ⚡️
Best people on earth ⚡️ @alfie1989 @himynameisjennie ❤️
Just quit @alc_apparel, now working full time at Dominoes in my new whip.